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Abul Kalam Azad Educational and Welfare Trust is a registered institution for the educational and welfare field in the area of the Katihar district of Bihar state which is educationally and economically very backward. The people of this area have very limited thinking about the education and development the community and the county.Most of the people regarding the success of their children are that the girls should be married off when she reaches the age of 13 to 15 years.And when the boy turns fourteen to sixteen years old, he should be sent to work in the cities across the country.

Due to lack of education and economic conditions  various evil activities have become common in the society, the generation is being destroyed, instead of being useful for the country and the nation and supporting their parents in their old age, they becoming a burden day by day.

Therefore, there was a dire need of such educational institutions in this area whose vision is to equip the new generation with all the basic requirements and necessaries of the education weapons and trainings according to the needs of the times.So that, the current generation can succeed in both worlds. And he became capable to help the country and nation.Alhamdulillah we made vision 2040 after returning from the Jamia Muhammadia Mansoora Malegaon Maharashtra (June 2021), I met some visionary people of my area and took decisions to registered the said trust i.e. Abul Kalam Azad Educational and Welfare Trust.

Under it there are two institutions are currently organized.

” We pray to Allah Almighty to grant us success to achieve the goals and give us toufeeq to present as a 1st class academy to the nation and the Ummah, Ameen” 

Falaah Academy And Ma'ahad Obai Bin Ka'ab Future Plan